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E & M Leros

Airbnb Management Services

With our extensive experience and commitment to hospitality, we guarantee that your guests will experience the true essence of "Philoxenia" - the Greek concept of warm hospitality and generosity.

We are located on the beautiful island of Leros, in the Dodecanese. When you partner with us, you can rest assured that your property and guests are in good hands.

The true meaning of "Philoxenia"

This Greek word has additional layers of meaning not captured by its English equivalent, hospitality. It’s not just “the act of being friendly and welcoming to guests and visitors.”


To be precise, it’s not just an “act.” It is a code of Greek values with deep roots stretching all the way back to antiquity, one shaped in part by myth, history and religious beliefs.

E & M Leros Airbnb Management Services Greece

How we do it

We take care of the full management of your rental property. This includes everything from cleaning, laundry, check in and check out, and answering questions of your guests.


You won’t  have to worry about the (sometimes annoying) holiday booking platforms, emails and text exchanges.


In short, everything involved in renting your property. We are happy to do that all for you and we are available 24/7.

Our Key Points:

Clear to the point communication

Cleaning & Monitoring at the highest standards

24/7 Availability for Owners & Guests

Market targeted

price optimization

All it takes are 3 simple steps


Get acquainted

If you're interested in our services, we can arrange a visit to introduce ourselves and discuss your needs.


Our goal is to make our services clear and transparent, without any obligation or pressure to commit.


Send a business proposal

We will provide an initial proposal for your review, which can be modified or adjusted to your liking.

 Once you sign on with us, our professional photographer will take high-quality photos of your property, and we'll introduce it to the rental market.

Lean back and let us do the work


With us, you can simply give us the key and we'll handle the rest.


Our experienced team will take care of everything, hassle free for both you and your guests. 


How do our clients feel about us

E & M Airbnb Management Services holiday house Leros Greece

‘As a total ‘control freak’, it was a struggle for me to give the management of our rental property in Leros to someone else. Eventually, living in Athens and travelling to Leros for each reservation became exhausting, so I had to take a leap of faith and to trust E & M.

Today, 4 years later, it was the best decision I have ever made.

The owners not only provided to be great partners, but also great friends.’

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